What are Barca fans called?

Many people follow football but still don’t know about it. As usual, the team’s fan base often has its own name, which refers to all the people who support the team. In the article below, let’s find out details with 10jili.

What is the common name of Barca fans?

For famous football clubs, having a huge fan base is not uncommon. Fans of these teams are not just people who watch and love the team. They are also loyal people, always support the team, and are a source of encouragement for the players. Barcelona football team is no exception.

At big season matches, Barca fans dyed the sky in red. They wear team shirts, paint their faces in two colors, wear banners, hold flags, etc. Many followers do not know that all of these fans have the common name Culés.

It is known that Culés is Cul in Catalan and Culo in Spanish. These words all mean “butt”. I don’t know when they started calling each other that way. A name that seems sensitive and quite humorous but carries much meaning. Today, football viewers in many countries also call Barca fans Culés.


A simple translation is enough to understand what Culés means. However, not everyone knows why it has this name and under what circumstances it was born. According to our research, the name Culés originated from Les Corts stadium. This is Barcelona’s football stadium, called the “capital” by fans.

Les Corts Stadium has been with Barcelona since it was a small team. At that time, this lawn was quite simple and somewhat narrow. Since its beginning, Barcelona has received much support from fans. Therefore, it can be said that Les Corts stadium is too small and cannot accommodate all the spectators.

At that time, every time Barca fans entered the stands, it was full. They even stood, sat crowded together, or climbed the surrounding fence to watch the football match. Passersby looking in saw absolutely nothing but the “butts” of the fans. This is also the time when the name Culés was born.

You already know what Barca fans call it. As for its hidden meaning, let us continue to explore. As mentioned, Culés means butt because outsiders looking at the field only see the buttocks of Barca fans jostling. It is said that this name has the following meaning:

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Shows the number of Barca fans: Barca fans are one of the largest fan communities today. With this enthusiasm, many clubs still wish to have such a fan base.

Proving love for the team: In difficult circumstances, when the football field is just a small field with modest stands. Barca fans still do not hesitate to come and cheer for the team. This shows the love and sincerity of fans.

Milestone of an era: Nowadays, it’s hard to see Barca fans crowding to watch the team play. Because the stadium is now huge, the stands have huge seats. Therefore, the name Culés is to remind of a past time, to heal the feelings of both sides.

Other names for Barca fans

Barcelonistas: This is the name Barca fans made from the name of the team Barcelona and the suffix Nistas (a word often used to refer to team fans).

Blaugrana: This is a word in Catalan that means blue and red. Anyone who has followed Barca for a long time will realize that this is the color that symbolizes the team. The name represents the connection between the team and the fan community.

Fans used to call themselves Barca Fans when names had not yet been born.

A unique way of cheering for Barca fans

If you have ever watched Barcelona matches, you will see the whole stadium dyed red according to the color of the team’s shirt. This is also how fans cheer for the team spirit. They always work in groups and do the same things, such as wearing the same team jersey, drawing on their faces, or wearing a cheerleader on their foreheads.

They even composed exciting music, brought trumpets and drums, and “played music” on the stands. Playing at Barca’s home stadium puts terrible pressure on other teams.

After the above article, you must have clearly understood what Barca fans are called. A lot of good information about football will be updated soon. Please register on the page and follow immediately.

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