Top 10 Secrets To Playing Great Online Slot Games

Online Slot game is a popular classic game at almost all large and small Casinos in the world. Nowadays, online slots also dominate most online casinos with a large number of players around the world. If you are not familiar with this game, let’s explore the top online Slot Games strategies below to help increase your winning rate after each spin!

Origin of online Slot games

Origin of online Slot games

Slot machines (English: Slot machine, pokies, slot) were invented in 1887 by Charles Fey (USA), Slot machines are the most popular gambling method in casinos and account for about 70% of the average income of people. casinos in the United States.

Slot machines, then nicknamed “One-Armed Bandits” (because they were initially operated by pulling a large mechanical lever on the side of the machine), quickly became one of the favorite spots for many people. People, especially simple games based entirely on luck, have attracted ladies to kill time at the Casino while waiting for their husbands to be busy with traditional gambling games such as Poker, Blackjack at the casino. .

Attractive points that attract slot game players

Attractive points that attract slot game players

Each game has its own appeal, but in recent years, online slot games have emerged as a phenomenon that attracts a large number of players around the planet because:

  • Simple rules, quick playing time: The attraction of this game is its simple rules suitable for many ages and genders. At the same time, this is a quick game with each bet taking place within just a few minutes.
  • Diverse and attractive content: It can be said that online slot games are mainly about the player’s luck. Players just need to place bets and spin prizes. Besides, the content of online slot games is also very diverse, each game is built based on an attractive story such as: martial arts games, magic games with all kinds of charms,…
  • Beautiful game interface: Thanks to the beautifully designed interface, vivid sound,… all have created excitement and attracted a large number of players globally.

10 Strategies for Playing Online Slot Games

10 Strategies for Playing Online Slot Games

As a professional player or an online Slot addict, you should not ignore the following strategies for playing online Slot games:

1. Master the rules of the game

Not only for Slots but also in all other games, players who want to play must of course understand and master the rules of the game from the beginning. Only then can you avoid breaking the rules and have the way of playing that best suits you.

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You just need to put coins in the machine and spin. The result will be icons appearing on the screen. You need to rely on those symbols to calculate the number of points you win in the game. The symbols are: Bar symbol, Number 7, Yellow Diamond, green, orange, blue, purple, special symbol Wild.

Online slot games often have an easy-to-play interface expressed through simple lines and columns. The player’s job is to just choose the number of lines and draw the prize. It is important that you remember the symbols and the corresponding points and special rewards players can win.

2. Bet wisely

Many players think that the bigger the slot, the better. However, this way of betting only brings high rewards if you win but will not give players a higher winning rate. This way of playing only applies when the player possesses enough capital to place large and long-term bets. Those with little capital should not apply this way of playing.

3. Take advantage of the game’s incentives and rewards

As a wise player, you need to know how to take advantage of incentive programs from games or Online Casino to your advantage. Especially those with little capital. These will usually be free spins given to new players or on special occasions. Many players have won big in these free spins!

4. Record your playing progress

This is a necessary job for all online Slot players if they want to have good control over their playing process. Because if you don’t take notes, you can easily get carried away, become bitter and lose control, which can lead to nothing. Therefore, record your playing progress carefully and stop playing when you reach your set win or loss limit.

5. Stay calm in all situations

Keeping a cool head when playing Online Slot games is not something everyone can do, especially new players. But this is something you need to practice if you want to keep your wallet full. Because many players are too excited and make wrong decisions, leaving themselves out of pocket.

Note, when you lose a few consecutive slot spins, take a break for about 15 minutes to regain your composure before playing again.

6. Practice careful observation

There are many different online Slot games, each game has different rules, symbols and scoring methods. As a wise player, you should observe and choose the game that best suits you as well as increase your chances of winning and high winning rate.

In addition, with online Slot filming, the program is completely “regulated” by the floor owners. Often it will have its own defined rules to attract players or sometimes loopholes in the program. If you take the time to observe and analyze, you can discover these rules to help increase your winning rate.

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7. Not subjective

Subjectivity is the source of many unfortunate failures, especially in online games of chance. Don’t be too conceited that you’ve grasped all the experiences and playing tips written widely on websites. Because if you understand clearly, other players will also have similar understanding.

Therefore, always be careful when playing online Slot games to make the correct decisions from time to time!

8. Understand the principles of each turn

Here are some principles through each turn that you should not ignore:

  • First 10 spins: Divide the capital points into parts, for the first 10 spins use 50% of the capital. These are spins that help you explore the game, so please only explore with 50% of the lines! After completing 10 spins, consider if your bonus score increases by 20% or more, then boldly spin the maximum line. But if you unfortunately lose everything, take a short break before playing again!
  • Next spin: With max line spins after the exploratory play process, observe carefully if you see your capital increase or decrease by no more than 80%, then continue playing. But if your capital has decreased to less than 20%, it’s best to stop playing.
  • 30 minutes later: After playing for about 30 minutes, if you win more than you lose and the number of points in your account keeps increasing, consider whether you should continue playing or not! Pay special attention to the signs that the pot is about to explode so you can continue playing and wait for the pot to explode and receive big rewards.

9. Pay attention to dividing the number of betting points, know when to stop

As a smart player, divide the bet points into several parts. Absolutely do not play “all in” which means putting all your capital into one bet. At the same time, set a win or loss limit for yourself before playing. When playing a slot game that has reached the initial set point, think carefully about whether you should continue playing or not.

If you control your capital and playing process well, you will be surprised with the results you achieve.

10. Bet maximum when given the opportunity

In online Slot games, the house often offers many huge prizes, especially the Jackpot prize. Therefore, depending on the game’s progress, players make appropriate betting decisions, especially at key moments. As a smart player, boldly choose the right time to make a decision to help bring you the jackpot prize!

Of course, they are games of chance. All situations are possible. That’s what creates compelling suspense. Playing happily and always being alert, taking risks at the right time and within an acceptable level are things gamers must always master.


Hopefully the above sharing about tips for playing online slot games of 90jili will help beginners in the process of playing online slot games. From there, understand clearly about online slot games, make wise decisions and bring home victory!

Always be aware that, whether games are offline or online, the main purpose is for entertainment. Knowing when to stop and staying alert while playing will help you increase your winning rate. All forms of gambling and playing games to exchange prizes for cash are prohibited in Vietnam, so if you play Slot online, please only deposit a small amount of money to exchange points and pay service fees to the support website!

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